27 Mar 2011

The weekend

Have had all the children, and Sky, here virtually all weekend and it's been great. Sky has been to various parks 5 times and everyone who has taken her out has had a lovely time. She's learned to say "Truffle" really well. Also, when she thinks she's done something wrong she says, in a very disapproving tone: "Oh, SKY!" Except that she can't pronounce "k" so it comes out "Oh, Shy!". Very sweet. We're all in love. Would post a pic of her but G not keen. Only other thing worth mentioning is that I planted 2 rhubarb plants and a row of peas. Then let the hens out and half an hour later all the plants had been eaten. It's hens or garden.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no re. garden!! Sky sounds so sweet! I really miss you all xxx